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Here is a collection of my writing about, and photographs of, some trips that I have made, usually with Ayşe. These may be trips to conferences; they may be trips to demonstrations; they may be purely pleasure trips. Now that we live in Istanbul (as of August 2011), the trips may be within this city.

The links below or on the next page are arranged by year:

There are also some broader divisions, according to the development of my ideas and technical abilities:

  1. The earlier articles are without photos. Some articles started out as emails. Most articles are formatted with html; exceptions, as those typeset by the TeX program, are noted.
  2. With the account of the 2004 trip to Italy, I started adding links to websites that had photos of the places we had visited.
  3. With the account of the trip to France later that year, I started borrowing those photos and adding them to my own pages.
  4. For the 2007 trip to Fethiye, thanks to my father-in-law, we finally had our own camera: so most of the photos in the account of that and later trips are by me and Ayşe.
  5. After joining Facebook in 2010, I started putting some photos and text there. I have tried to provide links here to those photos and text.
  6. Beginning with September, 2011, there are links to some of my Google+ photo albums.
  7. For July, 2012, there is a link to a Dropbox photo album.
  8. Starting in May, 2013, there are links to my blog.

In any case, not every trip since the start of this collection is covered on any medium.

I also made a page specifically for Şirince visits.

before 2002:
2011 and later:
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