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    Şirince, August, 2009

    In 2009, it was August 10–16 when Ayşe and I gave courses at the Nesin Mathematics Village. I tried then to upload some photos to Facebook, but was unsuccessful. Six years later, in 2015, I have gone back to select the photos below from a total of about 240 photographs that we shot.

    There are some more photos from the excursion that Ayşe made to Tire on Thursday.

    There is also an email that I wrote on Friday afternoon about our trip to Şirince and Tire.

    In Şirince, we stayed in what at the time was perhaps the best accommodation in the Math Village.

    Sevan Nişanyan's tomb was being carved out of the eminence in the distance (the quarry behind the eminence supplied paving stones for the Village).

    Our room had a porch for working (the interior of the room was generally too dark for this, in part because of the shade of the porch roof).

    Probably I took this photo (above) from behind the eminence of Sevan's tomb. In 2014, I would follow the upper road (or path) from where it met the lower road on the right. Eventually (off to the left) there was a way to come back down to the lower road and then come by this back up to the Village.

    Here is Ayşe on our porch.

    Somebody else was working on the adjacent meydan.

    Ayhan gave a course below the meydan in the Aziz Nesin amfisi.

    My own course was higher up on the hillside, at the so-called Lebiderya, whose name means it has a sea view. It has no sea view in fact, although one can get a sea view from the quarry.

    Sevil abla and assistant are getting ready to serve a meal.

    Can also gave a course in Lebiderya. The first course he took in logic was my own, in 2004.

    The Village from the Rock.

    One of the men carving Sevan's tomb.

    The men served me watermelon when I visited them in their shelter.

    A selfie.

    Not a selfie.

    Ayşe taught in the Langlands dersliği. The camera was still our first and was not adjustable for interior light. Most shots from this derslik were blurred; this one managed not to be.

    Evidently I was able to give some of my lectures in the Nesin Amfisi as well.

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