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Turkish language

Balcının var bal tası; oduncunun var baltası

The honey-man has a honey-pot; the woodsman has an axe

Here are some documents that I have prepared as a student of Turkish.

  1. Turkish vocabulary (a list of 632 words, dated April 14, 2016).
  2. The Logic of Turkish. Dated March 30, 2015, the latest version is 61 pages of size A5. The original version, dated October 31, 2006, was prepared for distribution at the MODNET midterm conference in Antalya, November, 2006. The document enlarges on, or supersedes, the following earlier works:
  3. My answers to some questions raised in Sasha Borovik's blog, December 2008
  4. a chart of the eight Turkish vowels (this was an exercise in composing tables in HTML);
  5. A list of two-letter Turkish words;
  6. Amerika dizginlenemeden dünyanın selameti yok (grammatical analysis of a newspaper headline from 2007).
  7. Translations of Turkish poetry (with one original work).
  8. Wikipedia articles on:

    (I created these Wikipedia articles, though I have not worked on them for many years, and others may have changed them, not necessarily for the better!)

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