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The Logic of Turkish

Latest version (May 8, 2018; 69 pages, 12 point type, A5 paper):

New version, September 12, 2014 (corrected March 30, 2015): 61 pp., A5 paper. Dedicated to the memory of my teacher Chaninah Maschler. From the Introduction:

It is a great mystery how a young child can learn a language, seemingly without effort, and without any sense of the analysis that adult scholars will use to understand the language.

These notes are an analysis of the majority language of Turkey, made by a native speaker of English…

The present document may be of practical value to the visitor to Turkey. It may help the reader puzzle out what a sign or a package label might mean. I assume the reader will be interested in the variety of ways that humans have developed to express themselves in words…

Previous version, November 28, 2009: 21 pp., A4 paper:

The first version was prepared on October 31, 2006, for distribution at the MODNET midterm conference in Antalya, November, 2006.

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