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Elementary Number Theory, fall 2007

Math 365, fall, 2007 (section 1, the unique section)

Note added, September 27, 2010: During the semester, I kept notes of my lectures:

Then I encorporated these, along with all other documents from the course ("Foundations of number-theory", homework, exams and solutions), into a single document:

This document is being edited for use in the 2010/11 version of the course.



The official text for the course is the lectures, perhaps supplemented by some typeset notes, as on the "Foundations of number-theory" (updated, November 9, 2007):

So it is the student's responsibility to take good notes in class.

The course will generally follow the textbook Elementary Number Theory by David M. Burton. I obtained a copy of the sixth edition (in a McGraw-Hill International Edition, 2007) from Bıçaklar Kitabevi. There are copies of various editions in the library, including one on reserve.


  1. The unproved propositions in "Foundations of number-theory"
  2. exercise set II
  3. exercise set III
  4. exercise set IV
  5. exercise set V
  6. exercise set VI
  7. exercise set VII
  8. exercise set VIII
  9. exercise set IX
  10. exercise set X
  11. exercise set XI


Unfortunately the only method of formal evalation will be by examinations: two in term (30% each), and a final (40%). (In fact there will be three exams in term, but only the best two will count towards the course score.)

  1. October 23 (Tuesday, at 17.30) (Results)
  2. November 27 (Tuesday, at 17.30) (Results)
  3. December 27 (Thursday, at 17.30) (Results)
  4. Final exam: January 11 (Friday, at 16.30): solutions:
Letter grades

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