METU Mathematics Department

Math 126, spring 2004

Dabbagh and Doğanaksoy, Calculus for Students of Social Sciences
sectionofficehoursemail (with “”)
1Mohammad Dabbagh227 dabbagh@
2David PierceZ-37see schedule dpierce@math.
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11, 21 Rezan Sevinik M-232 rezan@
12, 22 Bülent Tosun M-232 tbulent@
13 Vural Cam M-232 cvural@math.
14 Kıvanç ErsoyZ-39 kivanc@math.
(These are scheduled by the university. Scores, when available, are posted on-line.)
  1. April 17, 11:00. Rooms are assigned according to last name:
    Aca–Boz U-1
    Büy–Fad U-2
    Fat–Sar U-3
    Sat–Yüc P-1
    The exam covers pages 1–118 of the text. Solutions are available.
  2. May 15, 11:00. Rooms are assigned as before. The exam covers pages 118–200 of the text. Solutions are available. Scores will be posted soon at the link above.
  3. June 3, 13:00. Rooms are assigned as before, except we are using P-2 instead of P-1. This is the final exam, covering everything we have done in class (that is, the entire textbook, with the exceptions noted below). Emphasis will be on integration, but you should also be able to do the problems from the previous exams, especially the word-problems on Exam 2. Solutions are available.
  4. Make-up exam: June 14, 10.30. Location: M-102.
  • four weeks on analytic geometry
  • two weeks on limits and continuity
  • five weeks on differentiation
  • three weeks on integration
We shall not cover functions of several variables (§§ 2.4, 3.2, 4.7). The integration formulas in the box on p. 254 are not covered (everything else about integration by partial fractions is covered).

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