[Photo: columns at Perge, 2010]

AAD XVI registration

As noted on the homepage, our local agent is Tivrona Tours; we are staying in Sea Life hotel in Antalya.

Prices a night for room and full board are:

For those who register by March 31, the registration fee will be 60 TL (40 TL for accompanying persons, free for students); this is to be paid on arrival in Antalya.

Registration during April 1–21 is possible, if rooms are available, but the registration fee will then be 90 TL (including students).

To register

Download and fill out the (plain text) registration form and send to the two addresses given there. Any later communications concerning the hotel or transportation should be made with Tivrona Tours, reservations@tivronatours.com.

For people in Turkey, there will be hotel deposit of 100 TL to be paid before March 31; see the details.

If you want to contribute a presentation, consult the workshops and abstracts pages.


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