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Thales as originator of the concept of proof

A talk at in Turkish (Thales Kanıt kavramının öncüsü olarak) at the Thales Buluşması in Milet, Didim, Aydın, September 24, 2016 (15 pages of size A5, 12 point type, in Turkish, edited November 4, 2016):

Notes about Thales, originally collected in preparation for the talk, later edited and augmented, especially with an introductory discussion of the philosophy of history and freedom, especially as found in the work of R. G. Collingwood, but also Freya Stark (114 pages of size A5, 12 point type, in English, November 21, 2016):

There is no reason for the following to interest anybody other than a person who looked at it before the documents above were posted. Here are:

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