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Incontrovertible Logic

Suddenly, from inside me, “I love you” I said.
“Please don't say such things” he said;
“We hardly know one another.”
“What more do we need to know one another?” I said;
“How can two people know each other more?”
Modus Ponens (P→Q, P | Q)
He said, “If you're really bothered, OK I know you.” (P→Q)
I was really bothered by it. (P)
Thus, he knew me. (Q)
Putting on my clothes, I said “It was what you wanted.”
Modus Tollens (P→Q, ∼Q | ∼P)
“Now, if you love me, you will say so.” (P→Q)
He didn't say he loved me. (∼Q)
“For God's sake, what's going on?” he said instead.
It meant he didn't love me. (∼P)
I opened the door and went out.
Hypothetic Syllogism (P→Q, Q→R | P→R)
I waited for him to follow me.
I thought, “If he follows me, it means I must have been wrong. (P→Q)
“If I was wrong, it means he loves me. (Q→R)
“That is, if he follows me, it means he loves me.” (P→R)
A logical fallacy (P→Q, ∼P | ∼Q)
As I was putting on my shoes, he opened the door and called out:
“It would be good if you didn't make a big deal out of this. (P→Q)
“But I see that you are making a big deal out of it.(∼P)
“This is not good at all.” (∼Q)

“Oh no, it can't be!” I said to myself.
“This man doesn't know any logic.”

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