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From the original README file in this directory:

Here is the j-list discussion of the Critique of Pure Reason, typeset by LaTeX.

The original emails, unedited, are in the <*.txt> files. I mark these up into the <*.tex> files. From these, the LaTeX program creates the <*.aux>, <*.log> and <*.dvi> files. The last can be viewed with the appropriate viewer; I also convert them into <*.ps> and <*.pdf> files, for which viewers are more widely used.

The files <kant.*> are to be printed on A4 paper; I have made the margins narrow to save paper.

The files <kantNA.*> are for standard North American paper.

The directory <Thomas> contains an edition (and a mathematical argument) by Steve Thomas.

The files <model-theory-gen.*> are the beginnings of an article about model theory for the educated masses of Johnnies (and others?). (An earlier attempt was in <popular.*>.)

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