Linear Algebra

These notes represent a summary of some topics in the Anton and Rorres book, Elementary Linear Algebra. David Pierce has begun making these notes in the course of teaching out of this book. Whether he continues them depends on his time and interest, and his ability to format things adequately in HTML.

The purpose here is not to reproduce or elaborate on the book or lectures, but to summarize the theory. In particular, examples are generally left to the book and lectures.

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Typographical conventions

General principles. Letters for scalars should be italic; letters for vectors should be bold. Mathematical text should be in a fixed-width font. Words being defined should be bold.

I am in the process of figuring out the best way to achieve these ends using style sheets.

On the pages most recently worked on, here is how things appear:

I am not choosing font families or sizes, or the background color of this page; your browser does that. So if things are not quite legible, you can do some adjusting.

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