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Linear Algebra

These notes originated as a summary of some topics in the Anton and Rorres book, Elementary Linear Algebra. I started the notes in the course of teaching out of this book at McMaster University, 1999–2000.

The purpose here is not to reproduce or elaborate on the book or lectures, but to summarize the theory. In particular, examples are generally left to the book and lectures.

Please send corrections to david.pierce@msgsu.edu.tr.

At least one person did send me corrections over the years, when I was at METU. The notes went offline when I moved to Mimar Sinan; now I am reviving them as I prepare to teach linear algebra at the Nesin Mathematics Village.


Typographical conventions

General principles. Letters for scalars are italic; letters for vectors are bold. Mathematical text in general is in a fixed-width font. Words being defined are bold. Here is how things appear in these pages:

I am not choosing font families or sizes, or the background color of this page; your browser does that. So if things are not quite legible, you can do some adjusting.

First section

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