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Induction and Recursion

Version of April 5, 2013; 29 pages of size a5, slightly edited from the last version (the reduction in the number of pages is due to the removal of vertical space between paragraphs).

Version of November 12, 2012; 31 pages of size a5.

Version of March 14, 2012; 30 pages of size a5.

The article (in the March version) is published in the De Morgan Journal (volume 2 [2012], issue 1). The November version corrects two mathematical errors:

  1. In §2, the cancellative property of addition needs not only induction, but also the injectivity of the successor map.
  2. In §6, ℕ is the smallest collection of sets that is closed under succession and contains 1 (not 0).

Also a few typos are corrected. An attempt to clarify a comment is made by inclusion of a Figure 2 to supplement Figure 1.

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