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Charlotte Brontë, Villette

Quotations, along with some commentary and essays; 92 pages, size A5, dated October 21, 2018.

From the preface:

A novel unfolds through time like music. How can it be present at once like a painting?

If only for the pleasure of contemplating them, I quote passages of Charlotte Brontë’s Villette, usually passages that I have marked while reading. I add comments as I see fit, with references to, and quotations from, other works. Some of the comments might be considered as essays in themselves, especially those of my Chapter 5, “Miracles.”

I do not exactly summarize Villette, though something of the plot may at least be inferred. However, the quotations and discussion stop before the resolution of the novel.

The novel is of interest to me as the story of somebody who finds herself teaching in a foreign country where the language is not her native tongue.

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