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Greek language

I wrote down what I was able to figure out about Using Greek in LaTeX.

I have one electronic Greek text: the first section of Aristotle's treatise on the soul.

I made some notes on symmetry as used in Aristotle.

Project Perseus

Gregory R. Crane, Editor-in-Chief, Tufts University. From the homepage, what I use mainly is the Greek and Roman Materials, such as Liddell and Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon (the big one). (For Smyth's grammar, see below.)

The Perseus site once had mirrors, and indeed I used to use the Berlin mirror, since sometimes the main site was down. Then the site was reorganized. The Berlin mirror still exists, but has apparently not been updated. On the ‘About’ page, the main site seems to invite mirroring, but does not list any mirrors. The Berlin mirror links back to the main site in Somerville, Massachusetts, as well as to a mirror in Chicago; but (as of June 20, 2012) the latter link is dead.

Smyth's Greek Grammar

Herbert Weir Smyth, A Greek Grammar for Colleges (New York: American Book Company, 1920), was later revised as Greek Grammar (1956); the name could be simplified because Smyth's Greek Grammar for Schools and Colleges was no longer in print. The editor (Gordon Messing) suggested that the revision ‘might more modestly be termed a corrected reprint’.

The first edition of Smyth's work is available around the web:

Note however that at the Internet Archive, although the ‘Read Online’ option seems to be fine,

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